Benefits of motorized shades and blinds for your home

Smart technology coupled with motorization can help control the solar gain and heat loss in your home by simply opening and closing window shades at pre-programmed times. In fact, smart home technology means your motorized blinds can actually ‘learn’ when to open and close based on sunlight and surrounding temperature, thereby maximizing your HVAC system’s efficiency. Made […]

Made in the Shade discusses the style and affordability of pleated shades for your Prescott home

Are you considering new window treatments for your Prescott home? With so many options available, Made In the Shade suggests you consider pleated shades to help you make the best choice for your design and budget. Style Want more pattern options and color choices? Think pleated shades. They generally come in a much greater array […]

Made in the Shade invites you to consider layered shades for your Prescott home

If you are looking for the right window treatments for your Prescott home, Maid in the Shade thinks you should consider our beautiful layered shades. Layered shades offer homeowners gorgeous styles and incredible benefits. Layered shades offer powerful protection from the sun by using strips of sheer fabric alternated with strips of woven fabric bands […]