Made in the Shade can add a decorative touch to your Prescott home with faux iron grilles for your windows.

Made in the Shade discusses decorative faux iron grilles to enhance the windows in your Prescott home

Are you looking for a unique design to add a touch of history or even mystery to your home? Consider the look of wrought iron window coverings. Made in the Shade can install decorative faux iron grilles to enhance the windows in your Prescott home.

Ironwork has been a staple in architecture for thousands of years. The Eiffel Tower is one of the most famous examples of iron creations in human history. Modern homes today are using the look of wrought iron for creative detailing and elegant screens on windows. Wrought iron tends to corrode, and it’s also very expensive and heavy. Enter faux iron grilles! They’re resistant to rust, rot, wear and tear.

You can incorporate faux iron into your home without the heavy weight and hassle of real iron. It is so versatile and can make any house look elegant. Faux iron grilles are made from recycled wood, so they’re easier to install, change, or move. They can be customized to match your home’s decor. Whether it be a metallic finish or a Spanish colonial design, faux iron can make your dream house a reality.

The environmentally friendly materials they’re made of make them ideal for both outdoor and indoor applications. Depending on what style you like – Victorian, Colonial, or Imperial – faux iron can create any look. They can even be paired with soft window treatments, blinds, or even curtains. And they’re not limited to windows: install them on a ceiling or over an archway for an elegant look.

If you want a unique look for your Prescott home’s windows, consider faux iron grilles to add style and luxury. For your free in-home consultation, contact the experts at Made in the Shade today.