Motorized shades for your home

Made in the Shade can outfit your Prescott home with motorized window shades to add convenience, safety, security and energy savings.

How smart is your home? And how smart are your shades? Motorization is the answer to the question of how to make everything in your home more convenient. Made in the Shade discusses how motorized shades can work in your Prescott home.

Motorization means you no longer have the hassle of lift cords, chains or even the cordless type of blinds and shades. Motorized shades raise and lower at the touch of a button in an instant. Remote controls offer a convenient way to turn on or off nearly everything electronic in our homes, not just television sets and music players. With the advent of voice-activated smart controls, we can control lights, ventilation and much more. So why not your shades?

Smart devices are no longer limited to the homes of the rich and famous. Motorized shades can be hard wired or even battery operated to provide even more affordable options for your home. And like many of our modern conveniences, they can be programmed to open and close at certain times of the day, just like thermostats and sprinkler systems.

When you consider the enhanced security, convenience and safety, as well as energy savings, you’ll agree that motorization is the best choice for your window shades. And you’ll benefit from the impressive warranty and exceptional service that Made in the Shade offers.

If you are ready to upgrade window treatments at your Prescott home, call Made in the Shade for a free in-home consultation and let us bring the showroom to you. Call us today at 928-308-9998 to schedule your appointment.