Motorized window shades for child safety at your home

Choosing the right shades for your home might seem to be just a question of aesthetics, but if you have children or pets, you will want to think about their safety as well. Traditional, non-motorized shades hang loosely and have various cords dangling within arm’s reach of even the smallest people. Made in the Shade recommends choosing motorized shades for your Prescott windows to keep the little ones safe.

The safest solution
Motorized shades offer these safety improvements over manual shades:

  • Motorized lift and tilt eliminates the need for the dangling cord and rod, therefore eliminating the strangulation danger that these kinds of shades present.
  • Tension pulleys and tie-down devices keep shades in place even when curious little hands try to move them.
  • Internal cords on horizontal blinds are kept in place with cord stops, preventing them from slipping through the louvers.

Certified by the Experts
Cordless control options for window coverings are recommended by the Window Covering Safety Council (an independent lab). 

Made in the Shade doesn’t just want your home to be beautiful and functional, but is also concerned for the safety of all the people and pets living in it. To schedule your appointment for a free estimate on motorized shades or any other custom window coverings in your Prescott home, give Made in the Shade a call at 928-308-9998.