Benefits of motorized shades and blinds for your home

Window Motorization

Smart technology coupled with motorization can help control the solar gain and heat loss in your home by simply opening and closing window shades at pre-programmed times. In fact, smart home technology means your motorized blinds can actually ‘learn’ when to open and close based on sunlight and surrounding temperature, thereby maximizing your HVAC system’s efficiency. Made in the Shade takes a look at these benefits and more to help Prescott homeowners decide if motorized blinds are a good fit for your home.

Smart, motorized blinds can be conveniently opened or closed by simply touching a remote control, a button or an app on your phone. Window coverings are a proven way to reduce solar gain and prevent heat loss. In fact, being able to schedule when they open and close means never having to worry about them at all.

Energy Efficient
Connecting motorized blinds to a smart home hub allows the blinds to open or close according to sunlight and temperature sensors included in the hub, minimizing the energy expended by your HVAC system, and saving you money.

Smart Home Integration
Smart thermostats use a wealth of data such as the outside weather, the ambient temperature and the time of day to determine whether opening or closing your smart blinds will help reduce energy use. By using various data, the thermostat can sense when the room is getting too hot or too cold and respond by adjusting the shades rather than using the air conditioner or heater.

Smart Lighting
When motorized blinds are paired with smart lighting, opening motorized blinds can trigger smart lighting to turn off, reducing your home’s energy costs and saving you more money.

As every parent knows, no cords means not having to worry about how to keep them out of the reach of curious, young children. Some motorized blind manufacturers even work with Nest products to direct the blinds to open if a fire in your home is detected thereby giving emergency responders the ability to immediately see into your home.

By using the app on your phone you can remotely control your blinds to open or close, or program a schedule to make it look as though someone is home.

If you’re renovating, redesigning or building your Prescott home, consider the exciting and very smart advantages of motorized blinds for your windows. Made in the Shade offers homeowners throughout the Quad-city area and Yavapai County a smart selection of motorized blinds for you to choose from. If you would like more information about the benefits of motorized shades in your home, call Made in the Shade today at 928-308-9998. 

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