Made in the Shade discusses motorized window treatments for your Prescott home

Window Motorization

Dining Room Roller ShadesDesign, convenience and versatility are just some of the benefits of letting Made in the Shade swap out the window treatments in your Prescott home or business for today’s trending, smart motorized shade systems.

A number of manufacturers of home automation systems have integrated their products with motorized window treatments allowing your beautiful new window treatments to move in conjunction with your other smart home components like heating and cooling, lighting and music. Integrating all of these systems can add greatly to your home’s value making the addition of motorized window treatments a serious consideration.

Here are even more reasons to replace your existing window treatments with motorized systems:

1. Motorized shades save money. They can reposition themselves automatically based on the level of brightness of the sun or the time of day. Reducing the impact of direct sunlight means your home’s air conditioner will run less and that means you save on utility bills.

2. Motorized shades help protect your home from break-ins. Window treatments that open and close throughout the day gives the appearance that someone is at home, and that makes your home a lot less vulnerable to intruders.

3. Motorized shades aren’t just window treatments. Homeowners can mount the hardware so that the treatment acts as a beautiful room divider, acts to cover a projection screen in your home theater, and even acts as the video screen itself.

4. Motorized shades are safer for your children and pets than window treatments with manual controls. With no manual controls, your kids and animals can’t get dangerously tangled up in the traditional pull cords of non-motorized systems.

5. Motorized shades don’t stop working if the power goes out because they can be powered by electricity or batteries. In addition to shape, style and fabric options there are options for operating your new shades. Electricity is not the only choice any longer.

If you’re a Prescott home or business owner that is interested in having greater security while you’re away, reducing utility costs, improving your property’s value, and enjoying the ease of controlling motorized shades with a mobile app, then it’s time to call the experts at Made in the Shade. For a free consultation, call us at 928-308-9998.

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